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Welcome to Lace & Sole.  We began by finding a way to bring new life to used products and re-introducing them back into the world.  We source lightly used shoes and handbags from a variety of places in our community that would otherwise be thrown away and we give them a new start.  We are able to bring you slightly used designer brand shoes and handbags at amazing discounts because of our method of sourcing.  Want to learn more? Click here!



Almost every item on this site has been used (unless noted otherwise).  We have developed a “Rating Chart” to have a standardized method of conveying to you the quality of product you are looking at.  We always post original pictures of the product you will get and you can always ask for more!  You can learn more about it by clicking here!

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In an effort to really bring out the true passion of thrifting we decided to make sure you feel like you’re getting the best deal.  If you don’t like the price you see then you can make us an offer!  Simply click on the “Make an Offer” button in the product page and fill out the form!  It’s that easy.  We will either Accept, Reject, or Counter your offer and everyone wins! What are you waiting for?? Start Shopping Now!

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